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Jul. 18 Kin Faux w/ Special Guest: Ben McPeak
Jul 18 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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Kin Faux is a band of four talented musicians on a mission to put “western” back in country music. While they do pay tribute to country legends like Haggard, Jennings, and Cash, the heavy influence of the band comes from today’s Texas music scene (i.e. Randy Rogers, Kevin Fowler, Cody Jinks, and Wade Bowen).

What you will experience at a “Kin Faux” show is a solid rhythm section providing a foundation for blistering guitar and fiddle solos. What you will NOT experience are skinny, glitter-jeans twerking to Pop 40 Country. So, put on your wranglers and two-stepping’ boots, then come see what the buzz is all about!

Jul. 19 Susan Hickman & Friends Song Swap
Jul 19 @ 8:30 pm – Jul 20 @ 12:30 am

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Passion is evident from the very first note, and her considerable talent allows her to segue from whisper-quiet reflections to barn-burnin’ romps with ease. Hickman’s in control and loving it – and she proves it on her debut country CD, SUSAN HICKMAN.

With her new CD, Susan is not only sharing her love of music – she’s hoping to connect with a global audience. “I really identify with the songs on this project,” Susan says from her home in Atascocita, Texas. “And I think that a lot of other folks will, too.” Produced by Doug Deforest (Todd Fritsch, Doug Spartz, Jonathan Edwards), the disc is the perfect showcase for Susan’s fresh and vibrant vocals. Highlights abound and include songs by top-notch Nashville tunesmiths Brett James, Mila Mason, Bobby Pinson and others. “Red” is a dark tale of jealousy and rage, while the two-steppin’ fun-loving, “Wrapped Up In Me” offers a light-hearted change of pace. The contemporary ballad “Hell Still Ain’t Frozen Over” works well with Susan’s favorite, the poignant “One Of Those Who Make It Up There.” Closing the disc is Hickman’s soulful take on Gregg Allman’s classic southern rocker, “Whipping Post.”

The 25-year old beauty is not without credentials; over the past few years she has elevated her status, sharing the stage with high-profile acts Miranda Lambert, Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Fowler, The Lost Trailers and Phil Vassar. This year has been a pivotal one for Susan. She was named to the CMA Close Up Who New To Watch In 2010 list and participated in her first CMA Music Festival. Susan has also enjoyed media coverage in COUNTRY WEEKLY, DREAMWEST, MUSIC ROW, and a host of other print and online publications. Hickman’s live shows are energetic, and her music has allowed her to develop quite a following in the U.S. and abroad. In March, Susan made her European debut, entertaining audiences in Germany, Holland and Switzerland. In July, she’ll cross the pond again to perform at the 23rd Annual Country Rendez-Vous Festival in Craponne-sur-Arzon, France. “I love meeting the folks who are into my music,” Susan admits. “But singing on the big stage – no matter where that is, is when I feel a true connection with the audience.”

Music has always been a part of the feisty blonde’s life story; she started taking piano lessons when she was just five years old and added the violin in her teens. Just four years ago she began to teach herself guitar. “Yes, I’m blessed to come from a very musical family,” she laughs. “We were always singing and playing; our family reunions are just awesome.”

Susan grew up singing in the church choir, listening to her parents’ favorite classic rock songs, and hearing her mom sing opera around the house. Her mother often made up songs to get her two daughters motivated. “There was literally a song for everything,” Susan recalls. “Gonna clean house today? Yep, she had just the song to put you in the mood.”

That musical backdrop helped drive the Texan’s love of song, and according to her parents, the exposure began when Susan was still in the cradle. Family legend tells us that Hickman was actually singing before she started talking. “Crazy, right?” Susan laughs. “Well, some things never change.”

Another thing that hasn’t changed is this songbird’s precociousness. When she was just 12-years old, Susan cold-called a talent agency and scheduled an audition. Why? “My mom told me I’d have to convince her that I was sure I wanted a career in music before she’d let me pursue it,” Susan recalls. “Making that call was my way of showing her that I was serious. She’s been behind me every step of the way, ever since.”

While that first phone call didn’t lead to instant stardom, it did give Hickman an insider’s look at the industry – and helped prepare her for the work ahead. Her life, she says, has been focused on a career in entertaining ever since.

Susan is the human equivalent of a perpetual motion “machine” – and she now divides her time between live performances, songwriting, rehearsals and her web design work. “I’m always busy,” Susan confides with a laugh. “But I’m also pretty much happy all the time. I promised myself that my ‘job’ would be something I loved. Music is it.”

Another promise the aspiring star made was to never compromise herself or her music. “I’ve always said that if I tell you something, it’s the truth. For me, if it’s even possible, when I sing something – it’s even truer,” Susan states. Her moral compass leads her in everything from song choices to venue selections – and she is steadfast in her beliefs.

While Hickman was raised in Houston, her childhood years were imbued with a “small town” feel. “My little sister was – and is – my closest friend,” Hickman states. The two shared a childhood filled with secret, homemade slip ‘n slide adventures (indoors no less) and late night television marathons watching old westerns. It was an idyllic life in many ways, and one that Hickman is determined to emulate.

Kids? “Yeah, someday,” she says with a smile. In the meantime, she’s performing every chance she gets. “I love the energy of the crowd,” says Susan. “It’s really powerful when the audience relates to you and your music.” This young artist is driven to make those connections. Combine her talent with that passion – and you have the magic that is Susan Hickman.

Jul. 20 Cody Wayne
Jul 20 @ 8:30 pm – Jul 21 @ 2:00 am

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“A full-blown country-red dirt-high energy concert. Cody and his band raise the bar and bring a party with every song. Cody is wildly talented, energetic, and thrives on entertaining crowds of all ages.”

Cody Wayne got his start in entertainment as a United States Marine stationed overseas in Iwakumi, Japan. He learned to play the guitar from his roommate, Ryan Turnipseed, on his off time. Singing had always come naturally to Cody, but he discovered a latent songwriting talent while entertaining his comrades in the Corps. Cody’s songs are heartfelt and reminiscent of his deep country roots in East Texas, the place he still calls home.
Today, you’ll usually find Cody on the road or up on stage. “A full-blown country-red dirt-high energy concert. Cody and his band raise the bar and bring a party with every song. Cody is wildly talented, energetic, and thrives on entertaining crowds of all ages.” That’s how fans describe a night with Cody Wayne. Cody satisfies both current and classic country music fans with his impressive portfolio of original, hit music plus superb renditions of country music standards from Hank Williams Jr, Garth Brooks, Zac Brown Band, and many more. A repertoire of medleys and sing-a-longs that engage the audience separates a Cody Wayne show from all the others. During his live shows, Cody uses a wireless microphone to free himself to run about the stage and to engage the crowd, adding energy and arena rock theatrics to spice up a normally staid country music concert or dance hall. No small wonder he’s been awarded Entertainer of The Year the past three years in a row! Every show includes top rock ballads and country hits spanning the last four decades, and Cody Wayne’s growing list of original music has captured a devoted fan base.
Cody is now an entertainment staple in Texas, thanks in part to his intense performance schedule, and to his continued presence on the Texas Regional Radio Report and the CDX TRACTion Texas music chart. His Texas radio singles, including Makin’ Love In The Moonlight, Footprints On My Windshield, Take Me Drunk, Fly High, and Addicted all achieved outstanding chart performance, earning Cody well deserved respect throughout the country music industry. His current radio single, Good Ole Country Song is the first song released off his new, self-titled, debut album. The entire new album of original Cody Wayne music is due out January 2019.

Jul. 25 – Private Party
Jul 25 all-day

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Jul. 27 Jeff Jacobs Band w/ Special Guest: Felix Truvere
Jul 27 @ 9:00 pm – Jul 28 @ 2:00 am

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The Jeff Jacobs Band is recognized for being one of the hardest working bands in Texas. With the release of their second album, they have earned Best New Male Vocalist of 2017 from Big Star 97, Two Chart singles, and opportunities to open for Stoney LaRue, Johnny Lee, and Mike McClure of the Great Divide.

The Jeff Jacobs Band started with San Antonio veteran musicians Jeff Jacobs and Nathan Schmidt. Together they recruited CJ Gore and Jeff Cox to finish the lineup. In 2018 the band played their final shows as the original lineup due to personal circumstances. Jeff Jacobs rebuilt the band from the ground up, recruiting new musicians between 2018 and 2019. Among these musicians are Frank Torres, Newman Ramzel, and Ed Lubin. As the primary songwriter, Jeff Jacobs, retained the band name stating, “I’ve been asked if this means if I went solo and if I should change the band name. I think to myself that would be a dishonor to my brothers who contributed to this band. So going into 2019 and until I feel that this project is done, this will remain the Jeff Jacobs Band in tribute to them.”

Jeff Jacobs grew up in San Antonio from the age of 5. He lived in a poor neighborhood on the southwest side of town with his mother and brother. His mother struggled working two jobs and living with family. “My Mom worked hard to get my brother and I to a middle class living, and every day I try to provide the same for my family.” In his teenage years he started playing the guitar, thanks to a nudge by his older brother, and started writing songs. Being in many different genres of music such as rock, grunge, and metal; Jeff decided that country talked to him more than any of those genres. “Country music is about everyday life. When you’re young you just want to rebel and act like a nut. Now, I’m just trying to get by and country music gets me through the day and that’s why I choose to write it.”

With a new album set for a release in summer 2019, new single in May, and many touring dates coming, there is no doubt the Jeff Jacobs Band is working hard to maintain their reputation.

Aug. 1 Tyler Dudley Band
Aug 1 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Aug. 2 Will Carter Band
Aug 2 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 3 @ 2:00 am

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Texas born and bred, singer/songwriter Will Carter was raised to respect hard work and traditional values. Deep love of family combined with a regimen that included homeschooling, breaking horses, milking goats, tending to crops provided Will with an ideal backdrop to pursue his musical dreams effectively. His songs explore universal concerns against a backdrop of small-town America; his voice brings these stories to life. On his latest album, Good Bad Idea, Carter applies his experience and his talent to bring the best of modern and old-school country together. From the infectious, sing-
along single “Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat” to the deep emotion with which he eulogizes his father on “Red Sunrise” and aching romantic sorrow of “House Of Cards,” Good Bad Idea reaches out to every generation of country music lovers and excludes none from finding their own stories in his words and melodies.

Aug. 3 Lucas Eason and the Panhandlers
Aug 3 @ 8:30 pm – Aug 4 @ 2:00 am

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Lucas Eason and the Panhandlers are a country-americana outfit composed of members dwelling in the central and south Texas area.

Aug. 8 Jankee Yankee’s (featuring Chad Ware & Marcus Eldridge)
Aug 8 @ 8:30 am – 11:00 pm
Aug. 9 Drugstore Gypsies w/ Special Guest: BadHouse
Aug 9 @ 8:30 pm – Aug 10 @ 1:00 am

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“The Drugstore Gypsies raise honky-tonk hell,” exclaimed Rolling Stone Magazine, “fit somewhere between Exile-era Rolling Stones and Eric Church’s “Drink in My Hand.” The world’s most iconic music publication named the guys one of their Ten New Bands to Watch on the heels of their self-titled debut album, placing them on a plane few bands achieve.

To say that The Drugstore Gypsies have come a long way since their conception in early 2014 starting out as a young, raw rock ‘n’ roll band in Southeast Texas would be an understatement. But the addictively good times they provide audiences with their unapologetic, high-energy Southern rock sound hasn’t changed a bit.

In fact, the good times have only just begun.

Their 2017 debut opened a ton of doors for The Drugstore Gypsies. In addition to the Rolling Stone piece, their first single “Runnin To” topped 750,000 streams on Spotify alone, and peaked at #11 on Texas Music Pickers’ Spotify Chart. Speaking of Spotify, the band has had two different singles added to the Official Texas Red Dirt playlist curated by Spotify’s John Marks.

Texas radio spun both their radio singles into lofty chart positions and Sirius/XM’s The Highway played their second single “Breakin The Law” extensively.

The band has played hundreds of dates over its first few years of existence, touring across multiple regions, including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. They’ve shared the stage with luminaries like Whiskey Myers, Reckless Kelly, Band of Heathens, Aaron Lewis, Gary Allen, William Clark Green, Shinyribs, Pat Green, The Steel Woods, Stoney LaRue, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Cameran Nelson, Dalton Domino, Flatland Cavalry, Bri Bagwell, Midnight River Choir, and a ton more.

“The goal is to give rise and resurrection to a form of music that is seemingly lost in today’s day and age. Give life once more to the timeless sounds of great eras past.” exclaims lead singer and frontman, Duke Ryan. It’s the essence of the band’s sound and persona. They take their audiences to a place where for two hours they completely forget about the stresses of their lives outside the venue.

This is exemplified in the Gypsies new record “Easy Access.” Fresh out of Edgewater Studios teaming up once again with producer Derek Hames and mix engineer John Shelton, the new record is the logical extension of a band that pushes the limits.

Energetic tunes like “Lady of The Night” and “The Rapture” make one reminisce on one of the greatest American rock bands of all time in Aerosmith, while the combination of John Wilson’s saloon-worthy piano and powerfully driven Hammond organ light up the listener in Southern-themed “Take It From Me.”

With a devoted fan base, a tour-hardened sound, a wildly entertaining frontman, jaw dropping lead guitar licks from Dillan Dostal, and a rhythm section in drummer Rey Chapa bassist Korey Davis that is sure to keep everyone on their feet, The Drugstore Gypsies have been recognized as one of the “it” bands to watch coming out of Texas.

Hell-raising won’t ever go out of style, and those who partake might just have their soundtrack in The Drugstore Gypsies. Catch the fever at a venue near you!

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