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Oct. 17 – Private Party
Oct 17 all-day

Closed to a private Party>

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Oct. 18 Klockwork
Oct 18 @ 8:30 pm – Oct 19 @ 1:00 am

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Klockwork has been performing for many years as a show band with lots of energy and many years of collaborative experience.The band has a unique sound and often times keeps the audience dancing for hours. The Klockwork Band has been rocking the Houston and surrounding areas with it’s dynamic dance rhythms and it’s real smooth melodies. Collectively and individually the band has performed extensively with other groups before coming together to developed a fabulous show that cannot be duplicated.

The group consists of eight members who are multi-talented and vocals are self contained, along with a female vocalist when needed. Klockwork has an “ in the pocket “ rhythm section which include (bass and lead guitars, keyboards, and drums) and a “funkanizing “ horn section (trumpet, flugel horn, sax and trombone ). Being a diverse band, allows our songlist to range from Jazz to the Blues and from the Motown sound to Funk with a touch of Disco/Rock and Roll along the way.

“Music to this band is just like a key to a lock; meaning once we are on stage our sound is performed so that everybody can feel the groove.”

We’ve played in many venues and the one thing we strived to do as a band is to keep the people happy and to put our hearts into every performance.
“Music makes the world go around and we are delighted to be a part of that circle.”

We, the Klockwork Band thank you in advance for supporting us and we hope that when you think of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on you think of the most dynamic band in the land,

Oct. 19 Private Event
Oct 19 all-day

Have your private event with us! Rustic, unique, firefighter owned and operated. No other place like it!

Oct. 24 Calamity Janes
Oct 24 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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The Calamity Janes are a Texas Country Sister Trio who’s harmonies and song styles have earned them numerous awards and accolades . Born & raised, they have continued to live in the town they grew up in, Waxahachie. Southpaw Smitty is their lead/auxiliary player & he hails from Port Neches Texas. He has been making music with the girls for 2 years now & his amazing musicianship has helped push the girls writing and singing style to the next level. DeAntae Wofford, percussionist, comes from Ft. Worth Tx. He’s a student at UTA pursuing a degree in music at the moment and has been the lead drummer for the band going on 3 years. The Janes along with their band mates have travelled extensively through out the south and southwest states playing, promoting and sharing their gift of music. Their new album “Blood Harmony” is set to release mid 2020. Gone to Texas is their latest radio single climbing the charts.

Oct. 25 Frank Ray Band
Oct 25 @ 9:00 pm – Oct 26 @ 1:00 am

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Rolling Stone Magazine has named him as one of 10 artists you need to know. This former police officer of 10 years left his full time job to pursue his passion as a country music singer. Leaving behind a stable career, he shares his talent with the world with what he calls the beginning of a Latino country movement. His solo debut EP “Different Kind Of Country” was released July of 2017 and his first single “Every Time You Run” broke top 10 of the Texas Country Radio charts and is currently sitting at #9. Ray has shared the stage with greats such as Keith Urban, Granger Smith, Josh Turner, Eli Young Band and the list goes on and on. Frank Ray grew up in San Antonio Texas but currently resides in Las Cruces, NM. Surrounded by the farm lands of New Mexico Ray’s inspiration to his song and EP titled “Different Kind Of Country” came from the Hispanic immigrant experience in America. He sings about the cherished values in Country Music including family, hard work, and the positive impact immigrant labor has in America’s agriculture. Only having known the band a few days, Frank Ray recorded his EP at world renowned Sonic Ranch Studios. The EP was produced and recorded in only two days. “There was instant chemistry the moment the band and I started jamming. It only took a couple of run throughs before we hit the record button.” says Ray. Since then the band has been hitting the road all over the United States from New York to Nevada. You can see all of the hard work, struggles and behind the scenes if you follow him on social media. He has taken social media by storm and has grown a massive following in just a short time. Changing the game, he vlogs every time he hits the road. Every episode is raw, from emotional struggles to high energy performances, Ray shows it all. You can clearly see the passion and dedication Ray and his band have for the project. “It’s a way for me to connect with the fans on a personal level sharing adventures on the road from heartfelt moments to funny conversations. The game is changing with how social media helps an artist develop and it is amazing to see what it has done for us so far.” says Ray.
With his first single topping the charts shortly after its release Ray doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. This is only the beginning.

Oct. 31 Charlie Farley w/ Special Guest: Hayden Coffman
Oct 31 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

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Arkansas born, Arkansas Proud.
Nashville may be country, but home is the backwoods and dirt roads of DeQueen, AR.
That’s where you will find Charlie.
A fluke submission on the internet landed Charlie a record deal. In less than a year; Charlie had released his Debut CD “Hog Heaven” and had the industry buzzing about his new breed of “country rap”, and then… he. left. What?
Zero to turbo had left Charlie with no balance. Concerned about his children, his family, and not being able to process the intensity or speed of the growing spotlight, he decided to retire from the music industry.
While home life became normal again, the desire to create and grow as an artist with no outlet had flipped the switch in the opposite direction. Music is soul food and Charlie was starving. Again, no balance. Determined to be both a father and artist, Charlie decided to make his career fit his life. Coming to terms with the need to be present in both family and music, Charlie is taking his career in his own hands. The result… freedom to create what he wants when he wants it, a more open relationship with his fans, a balanced home for his kids, and taking the music to where he has never taken it before.

Nov. 1 KG Williams Band
Nov 1 @ 8:00 pm – Nov 2 @ 1:00 am

You wanted great original country, you got it! KG Williams is gaining popularity for his humble, energetic personality and the ability to bring to the stage a sound unfamiliar, yet refreshing. The passion of music and the ability to create collide, in something only experiencing for yourself can explain! From the wholesome goodness of “Everything”, to the throw down style of “Island Wild”, you will definitely find a hook that will stay with you a few days.

Many agree and ask how he creates such catchy songs. “I don’t spend the time I should writing a new song everyday or every week, but when I do write I feel as if it isn’t even me!” KG Says, as he glares with conviction. “I truly believe God has a direct channel to the pen in my hand. I’m just a vessel for the time being!” You have it folks, modesty is at the wheel with pride taking a back seat. Just listen to the music this home grown Texan writes, it’s chalked full of what matters in life with just enough bad boy! His first full length album released in January 2017. Instead of sticking with a constant theme of songs throughout, KG decided to take the path less traveled and give his listeners a bit of a backroad to his heart and soul.

As a family man with a beautiful wife and three boys, KG Williams understands the true meaning of “Being Blessed” and that’s why one of his joys is the prayer him and his family share in the morning. “Dear Lord, thank you for another day, keep us healthy and happy, and keep us in the right direction!” After all Jesus Christ is at the center of their life together, and he is proud to share that with the world!

Nov. 2 Lost Immigrants w/ Special Guest: Cory Michael (acoustic)
Nov 2 @ 9:00 pm – Nov 3 @ 2:00 am
Nov. 8 Josh Fuller Band
Nov 8 @ 9:00 pm – Nov 9 @ 1:00 am

Official Website Facebook Page

Small towns in Texas are rich in life experiences and a unique culture that is hard to put into words. Families are close, friendships are lifelong, laughter is loud and abundant, and love is limitless. Countless country songs have been made about it and the appeal of the lifestyle never wanes. One such artist who brings this life to the forefront is singer/songwriter Josh Fuller. Fuller, who was raised on a dairy farm in New Waverly, Texas, learned the value of respect, hard work, and the benefits of a strong faith and carries those traits with him to this day. He married his high school sweetheart, is raising their two sons to be “country to the bone,” and has a band of friends who happen to be talented and hardworking to boot!

With 2 self released albums under his belt and 7 successful radio singles, Josh has solidified his presence in the Texas Regional music scene. 2017 brought on new adventures when Fuller launched a music based talk radio show and podcast! Inspired by Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Chris LeDoux, Robert Earl Keen, Keith Whitley, and other musical storytellers, Fuller’s songs showcase a quick-wit and clever mind. Fuller’s often humorous perspective has earned him a loyal following, four radio singles (“Road Trip,” “Old Whiskey,” “Gringo Loco,” and “On The Radio” from KEEP ON BEIN’ ME), and a career path that began when his father bought him a guitar.

“The strings were plastic like you use in a weed-eater,” Fuller jokes. “I bought a bunch of songbooks of my favorite singers at the time; the first Texas Country song I learned to play was Charlie Robinson’s ‘My Hometown’ and I learned to play harmonica by listening to Cross Canadian Ragweed’s ‘Boy’s from Oklahoma,” over and over again. I slowly but surely learned to play the chords by matching the strumming together to make what was loosely considered, music.”

Singing in competitions (including a gig in Las Vegas), Fuller was introduced to Texas Country by co-workers. Seeing a place for artists to be singer/ songwriters, his first paid gig was a trial by fire as he opened for Stoney LaRue and Brandon Jenkins. Playing in various formations of a band until 2012, Fuller’s big break came when Michael Berry, “The Czar of Talk Radio,” offered support as a mentor and sponsor, and a performance residency alongside Texas Legend Dub Miller at his Stafford venue, Redneck Country Club.

“Michael challenged me to write him a theme song,” Fuller recalls. “I sold everything I had to pay for one day of studio time and it worked; Michael still uses that song! He took me under his wing and was tough on me, when I needed it. I learned so much from him about life and business. I am forever grateful for his generosity and friendship.”

In January of 2013, Fuller debuted DIRT AND DIESEL, a Phil Pritchett produced effort, and took his music to radio. Texas Country was introduced to this high-octane artist with heart, one who takes the word friendship seriously, and one who credits his success to his band – his drummer and lead guitarist have stuck it out over the years and his current line-up has been solid for the last five.

“They are a tight, cohesive unit and have jumped through every fiery hoop that has been dangled in front of us,” Fuller states. “They have risen to every challenge and I owe all my recent success to their loyalty, talent and friendship.”

Fuller’s live shows are something to see and he has shared the stage with such artists as Billy Joe Shaver, Charlie Daniels, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, Bleu Edmonson, Tracy Byrd, Rick Trevino, David Allen Coe, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Charlie Robison, Cody Canada, Johnny Lee, David Lee Murphy, Little Texas, Robert Earl Keen, Brandon Rhyder, and more.

With energy to spare, it is obvious Fuller is on a mission to make the shows personal and unique. Taking the time to get to know their audience and tailor each show, they work hard to never repeat a performance.

“I find that it doesn’t matter what mood I am in, or how hard my day or week was, when I strum the first chord, all my troubles go away and I am ready to put on as high of an energy show as I can for the people listening,” he states. “I want them to be able to forget everything for an hour or two and just enjoy being alive, the way I feel when I strap on the guitar.”

Fuller’s passion for writing from the heart and performing from the soul keeps him striving to constantly evolve, grow and improve. Playing diverse audiences of all sizes has kept him grounded and he hasn’t forgotten why he pursues this dream. He is grateful for the people who join him on this wild ride!

“When I see a husband and wife dancing and holding hands, or families at a show where the kids are dancing with their parents, it makes me feel good. The world can be so full of stress and distraction, it’s nice to see that my music can give people an excuse to come together for a positive reason and enjoy each other.”

Nov. 9 – Private Party
Nov 9 all-day

Closed to a private Party>

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