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May 24 Abe Mac Band
May 24 @ 9:00 pm – May 25 @ 2:00 am

Abe Mac Band Facebook Page

Up and coming singer / songwriter out of El Paso, TX .. come meet this great artist and see what new talent is all about !!!

Come on out for some “Shots, Shots, Shots” – Listen Here: Shots

May 25 Drugstore Gypsies w/ Special Guests: Threadbare Jesters
May 25 @ 9:00 pm – May 26 @ 2:00 am

hese guys might just be the most rock ‘n’ roll rock ‘n’ roll band in America.

In an industry beset by guarded calculation and repressive risk-avoidance, this band goes “all in” with every bet they make. Their infectious self-confidence permeates their music and fuels their road-hardened lifestyle. When they roll into your town you’d best be prepared. They’re the bull in the china shop. The hair of the dog. The storm after the calm.

They are…The Drugstore Gypsies.

Drawing on distinctively Southern influences like Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and The Black Crowes, The Drugstore Gypsies also combine many of the sensibilities of worldwide riff rock heroes like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. You don’t fly that flag in 2017 because of focus testing or market research. It’s got to be who you are!

Founded in 2014 by wildly entertaining frontman Duke Ryan and guitar extraordinaire Dillan Dostal, the band quickly locked in on the right duo in the rhythm section, adding drummer Rey Chapa and bassist Korey Davis. John Wilson soon joined to play Hammond organ and rhythm guitar, completing the band’s classic Southern sound. The Gypsies have already played in excess of 300 shows throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

In mid-2015 the band attracted the attention of Edgewater Music Group, a Sony/RED distributed music production, artist management, and music distribution company based in Houston. The band arrived at Edgewater Studios in December of that year to begin work on their self-titled, debut album. The record features a dynamic body of rip-roaring rock ‘n roll from start to finish.
Songs like “Black Label Boogie” and “Show Up Show Down” highlight the band’s wall of guitar-laden power. “Breakin The Law,” “Drugstore Gypsy,” and “Live The Life” are loads of fun and feature a three-piece horn section backing the band’s enigmatic sound. “Running To” and “Indian Summer” trend into organic Americana rock.

“The Drugstore Gypsies” explores what it means to be an impetuous young American male living life to the fullest in the heart of the South. Tales of humorous conquest blend into battles with burgeoning demons. Stories of love and betrayal lay bare the band’s undeniable maturity as writers, hidden just beneath a convincing veneer of youth and bravado.

This is a band people will make movies about. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to craft a more captivating story for a more compelling cast of characters in a Hollywood writer’s room. In their own words, they are intent on to bringing to you, “Some of the greatest music of the modern day!” Experience a Gypsies’ show and you’ll be consumed by their irrepressible enthusiasm and innate humor. Know them and succumb to their down-home charm. They are intent on taking their rightful place in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll history, side-by-side with all the great American rock bands who have come before. Treasure their record and bear witness to their rise. What’s their ultimate destiny?

We’re just gonna have to keep watching to find out.

May 26 Troy Cartwright
May 26 @ 9:00 pm – May 27 @ 2:00 am

Troy Cartwright Official Website

“It’s the stuff you dream about,” says Troy Cartwright of his whirlwind year. The young Dallas native began to see a lifetime of hard work pay off in spades in 2015, as he signed with Sunfire Entertainment, released a critically acclaimed debut album, cracked the top 25 on the Texas Music Chart, and shared bills with Hayes Carll, Randy Rogers, Turnpike Troubadours, Green River Ordinance, and more. “This is all I wanted to do since I was 14,” he reflects, “and now I’m doing it.”

With so much momentum on his side, it’s no surprise that Cartwright titled his new release ‘Don’t Fade.’ It’s a note-to-self that he more than lives up to on the EP, bringing together the heartfelt vulnerability of Ryan Adams and the arena-ready anthems of Eric Church into an infectious, genre-blurring masterpiece. The tracks showcase Cartwright’s considerable growth, both as a writer and performer, while honing in on the sharp lyrics and soulful delivery that earned his self-titled debut widespread praise in Texas and beyond. The Dallas Observer called that record “one of the very best of 2015,” while the Fort Worth Star Telegram raved that “there’s an ease and a polish…belying Cartwright’s relative youth,” and Red Dirt Nation said that it “stirs what makes us all feel young and poignantly reminds us how fragile we all are when it comes to love, heartbreak and home.” For Cartwright, though, it was only just the prelude.

“You never know what you don’t know,” he reflects from his newly adopted hometown of Nashville. “I’m very proud of that first record and some of those songs have done very well for me, but with a whole additional year-and-a-half of hard touring and writing under my belt when we recorded ‘Don’t Fade,’ I felt like I had a much better idea of how I wanted to sound and who I was as an artist.”

Cartwright grew up in a conservative Texas home where his exposure to modern music was limited primarily to the ‘Forrest Gump’ soundtrack and Steven Curtis Chapman records. For his twelfth birthday, his parents gave him an acoustic guitar, and suddenly the entire world opened up. He discovered singer-songwriters and alt-country troubadours, contemporaries like Pete Yorn and classic artists like John Prine. It led him to begin penning his own songs, and by the time he hit high school, he was playing regularly in bars and churches. A summer program at NYU exposed Cartwright to the world outside of Dallas and inspired him to head even further from home to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Cartwright worked his way through school with odd jobs in the music industry and wedding band gigs, and while they paid the bills, they left him unsatisfied and more convinced than ever that he needed to take the leap with his own music. He moved back to Texas and recorded an EP, ‘Bull Run,’ that earned him top honors in the B.W. Stevenson Songwriting Competition. A performance with John Fullbright led Cartwright to Oklahoma, where he collaborated with producer Wes Sharon on the self-titled debut that would break him onto the Texas radio charts.

Throughout it all, Cartwright was a hustler to his core, playing 100+ shows per year without an agent or a manager, working harder than he ever had before in his life but moving closer towards his goals every day. The quality of the music and the exhilarating live performances were turning heads throughout the south, and that’s when Cartwright caught the ear of fellow Texas songwriter Rob Baird, who offered to produce ‘Don’t Fade’ with Brian Douglas Phillips at Phillips’ Austin-based Rattle Trap Studio.

“We spent three or four days in total at Rob’s house before we went into the studio because I had between 30-50 songs that I had written,” remembers Cartwright. “Rob and I went through each of them and pared the list down to figure out what made for a cohesive collection and what kind of sound we wanted to go after.”

The sound that they ultimately landed on is instantly appealing, a warm, radio-friendly blend that calls to mind everything from Will Hoge to The Old 97’s. Earworm opener “Never Coming Back” is an ideal showcase for Cartwright’s gifts, with his silky-smooth vocals riding a laid-back drum groove punctuated by dynamic electric guitar riffs and classic rock organ swells.

“That was one of the first co-writes I ever did in Nashville,” says Cartwright. “I wrote it with Ty Graham, who had actually been my next door neighbor at Berklee during my freshman year. We always used to talk about girls and relationships in college, and when we sat down to write this song, the story was something we’d both experienced in our personal lives, so it came together really naturally.”

Cartwright takes a darker turn on “Busted,” a driving, gritty tune inspired by the breakdown of a truck in the west Texas heat that mirrored the breakdown of his own crumbling relationship, while “Nobody But You” channels the pain of staying behind while a loved one leaves, and the sweetly emotional “Don’t Fade” battles the inevitable passage of time. One of the most special moments for Cartwright, though, comes at the end of the EP, as the stripped-down acoustic meditation of “Arkansas” drifts off into an ethereal soundscape like the last rays of light at sunset.

“That ending was a very specific idea that came to me on a camping trip with my roommate,” remembers Cartwright. “We were spending the days and nights out in the middle of nowhere just listening to the crickets chirp and trying to figure out life, and I wanted to recreate that feeling.”

The ability to capture such intimate, meaningful moments is the magic of Cartwright’s songwriting. These are tunes about coming and going, uncertainty and change, finding yourself and what you’re willing to sacrifice for your dreams. There are no dramatic revelations here, just the steadily deepening understanding of self that comes with maturing. Cartwright renders the sound of growing up beautifully and in vivid detail, capturing the anxiety and the ecstasy in all its messy, human glory. For a kid who grew up worshipping songwriters, to craft such exceptional music is to truly live the dream, and with another full length album on the way, it’s safe to say Troy Cartwright’s years are going to just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Jun. 1 Sam Sliva
Jun 1 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 2 @ 2:00 am

Sam Sliva

Official Website Facebook Page

Emerging from the musical Mecca that is Austin, Texas, Sam Sliva is fast becoming an outfit to be reckoned with. Their sophomore effort “…And the People Say” finds Sam and the gang striding a new plane of refinement and tightening of their sound. Sliva’s writing is becoming at once more expansive and focused as a vision. Elements ranging from reggae to folk are brought together and funneled through Sliva’s alternative Americana apparatus to produce a range of handsomely crafted songs that stretch boundaries yet sound at home with one another. Apart from the well-executed cover of Ryan Adams’s “Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight”, it has become more difficult to muster a list of artists that this new batch of songs share a kinship with. Already garnering thousands of fans through radio play, live shows, and social media outreach, “…And the People Say” is sure to expand that fan base and distinguish Sam Sliva & The Good as a unique and promising source of rock from the Lone Star State

Jun. 2 – Doug Supernaw w/ Special Guest: David Joel
Jun 2 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 3 @ 2:00 am

Doug Supernaw

Official Website Facebook Page

After an almost 20 year hiatus, Doug Supernaw is back with a new release of nine re-recorded Greatest Hits, plus two new songs. The new arrangement of “Reno” puts a soulful feel to an old favorite. “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” reminds us of the struggles, and heartache of parents and children of divorce.

Doug was back in the studio in January of 2017 to record all of the songs on the album, including two of many that he penned during his break.

“Here’s My Heart” is about a man that has been through the worst parts of love, only to finally find ‘the one’.

“The Company I keep” is reflective of days gone by of traditional country artists.

Proving that he is a survivor, Doug’s trials and tribulations have only served to strengthen him, and rekindle that desire to put out quality country music and perform for his adoring fans. Doug’s top 40 hits include, “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” (#1), “Not Enough Hours In The Night” (#3), “Reno” (#4), “What’ll You Do About me” (#16), and “Red And Rio Grande” (#23); all of which are on his new CD. In addition to those hits, you are sure to love “Long Tall Texan”, “Fadin’ Renegade”, “She Never Looks Back”, and “State Fair”.

Released on B&G Records, “Doug Supernaw – Greatest Hits” is sure to re-introduce Doug’s fans, and introduce new ones.

Here’s a picture from when Doug played the Firehouse in 1994:

Jun. 7 – 51 Junction Band
Jun 7 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 8 @ 2:00 am

51 Junction

Facebook Page

We are a Red Dirt Band operating out of Stillwater, Oklahoma. We came together looking to produce a progressive sound influenced by that of the greatest Red Dirt artists known to date. We feel we have accomplished just that. Our exclusive sound is derived from the smooth harmonious tunes of the Turnpike Troubadours, and the southern rock feel of Blackberry Smoke. Our singer/songwriter, Garrett Johns, does not disappoint with his ability to draw audiences in with his relatable original material. The combined efforts from our guitarist, Greg Worthy, and fiddler, Nick Gedra, make us unique to any music scene in the Midwest. Between the drums, Levi Ferrell, and bass, Logan Johns, there is not a better rhythm section to deliver a beat that will keep people on the dance floor and wanting to buy more drinks. Together, we create a new and elite sound that we are proud to call our own.

Jun. 8 – Private Party
Jun 8 all-day

Closed to a private Party>

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Jun. 8 The Lost Immigrants
Jun 8 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 9 @ 2:00 am

The Lost Immigrants

Facebook Page Official Website

LOST IMMIGRANTS is a musical collaboration led by founder James Dunning (lead vocals, guitar). It began in 2004 as a songwriting project between Dunning and his longtime friend, Craig Hinkle. The first iteration of the band won the 2005 Shiner Rising Star contest and recorded its debut album, “Waiting on Judgement Day,” with Americana music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard.

In 2009, LOST IMMIGRANTS released its seminal album, “Baptized: Live from the Hill Country,” and celebrated “Get Lost” as a Top 40 Texas Music Chart single. The band quickly followed up with a studio release, “Pasaporte,” in 2010 and two digital-only live albums in 2011.

Current members of LOST IMMIGRANTS include Chad Stewart (drums), Eric McGinnis (bass), Ryan Pool (keys) and Blake Brownlee (lead guitar). Former members and other North Texas musicians and singer/songwriters have been known to join the band on stage from time to time. The group enjoys a robust touring schedule and ardent fanbase.

Jun. 9 The Strayhearts
Jun 9 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 10 @ 2:00 am

The Strayhearts Official Website

The Strayhearts’ self-titled EP isn’t just the group’s first release as a band, it is the culmination of five years of struggles, resignations, and revival. What started out as frontman and sole songwriter, Mark Monaco’s solo writing demo, slowly took shape into what is now a brand new group and brand new musical vision.

Drummer Shane Haberstroh, Guitarist Derek Badillo, and Bassist Matthew Kaden had long played with Monaco on his solo outings. However, when they discovered their long sought-after final puzzle piece in Fiddle Player Riley Hemphill, a whole new sound and direction was born. Mark recalls, “It was so far removed from the hard-driving electric country rock I had been known for that I decided I wanted to create this whole new band.” And thus the Strayhearts were born. Featuring almost entirely acoustic instrumentation, they rely on acoustic guitars, fiddle, upright bass, and a strange contraption known as the Drum Box for the heavy rock backbeat. “We defy the term ‘stripped down acoustic'” Shane insists. “It may be acoustic but it is not soft and mellow. It’s every bit as heavy or heavier than any electric country music band!”

The Strayhearts EP features six new tracks and a whole host of guest artists including Bri Bagwell, Geoffrey Hill (Randy Rogers Band), Lloyd Maines, and Grammy-winning Producer Adam J. Odor.

In 2016, The Strayhearts have already begun making a name for themselves on the road including headlining The Hideout at Rodeo Houston for 2500 people and invitations to play with Country Music Royalty Billy Joe Shaver, Texas Music hero Cory Morrow, The Band of Heathens, Dirty River Boys and Blue Water Highway Band to name a few! The future looks bright and the band is looking forward to forging the road ahead.

Jun. 14 Jay Statham
Jun 14 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 15 @ 2:00 am

Jay Statham
Facebook Page

Jay Statham and the Tokie Show is a 4 piece band based out of the Amarillo, TX area. The band is lead by Jay Statham, who brings his own deep rooted country influence. They have their own sound that is derived from classic rock, blues, soul, and funk. As a singe unit, Jay Statham and the Tokie show have developed a sound that almost cannot be likened to any other group in the region.

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