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Aug. 22 Dacota Deaver Band
Aug 22 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Aug. 23 Klockwork
Aug 23 @ 8:30 pm – Aug 24 @ 1:00 am

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Klockwork has been performing for many years as a show band with lots of energy and many years of collaborative experience.The band has a unique sound and often times keeps the audience dancing for hours. The Klockwork Band has been rocking the Houston and surrounding areas with it’s dynamic dance rhythms and it’s real smooth melodies. Collectively and individually the band has performed extensively with other groups before coming together to developed a fabulous show that cannot be duplicated.

The group consists of eight members who are multi-talented and vocals are self contained, along with a female vocalist when needed. Klockwork has an “ in the pocket “ rhythm section which include (bass and lead guitars, keyboards, and drums) and a “funkanizing “ horn section (trumpet, flugel horn, sax and trombone ). Being a diverse band, allows our songlist to range from Jazz to the Blues and from the Motown sound to Funk with a touch of Disco/Rock and Roll along the way.

“Music to this band is just like a key to a lock; meaning once we are on stage our sound is performed so that everybody can feel the groove.”

We’ve played in many venues and the one thing we strived to do as a band is to keep the people happy and to put our hearts into every performance.
“Music makes the world go around and we are delighted to be a part of that circle.”

We, the Klockwork Band thank you in advance for supporting us and we hope that when you think of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on you think of the most dynamic band in the land,

Aug. 24 Zack Walther
Aug 24 @ 8:30 am – Aug 25 @ 2:00 am

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When Zack Walther went to college to major in music, he had to choose an “instrument of study.” And—no accident—he chose his own voice. As a child of the 1980s he sang in the school choir and learned to play songs by ear on his brother’s upright piano, “But it was mainly the white keys,” he recalls. Then, as an afterthought, he adds, “It still is.” That piano may have been the first musical instrument he ever touched, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

By the time the ’90s rolled around, he was a teenager immersed in rock and roll and already a developing musician. That’s when he found his father’s old nylon-string classical guitar, long forgotten and stashed in the family attic. When he was 13, his folks, aware of his interest, bought him a basic electric guitar and a little Crate amp. Two years later, they surprised him on Christmas with his first quality acoustic guitar. “I played all through Christmas day,” he says. “Playing songs, learning songs, country songs, rock songs, just basic chords.” Still, he knew he was destined to be a vocalist—first and foremost.

“Singing was a natural thing for me, and it always has been because I’ve gone through college and actually been classically trained to sing.” He picked up piano and guitar on his own, and though he’s had a few lessons, considers himself self-taught. “There was always interest early on, very early, playing music and singing. And because I was the vocalist of my friends, I’ve always been the lead singer,” he says. “I can remember, at 13, 14 years old having band practice in my best friend’s garage.” High school was a whirlwind, “a lot of guys and girls creating bands.” Over the 30-year span of his musical life, he’s been in and out of bands, including, fairly recently, Zack Walther and the Cronkites, a name familiar to many aficionados of Texas music. An album—Ambition—arose out of that collaboration. In his current iteration of band names, it’s back to basics: The Zack Walther Band, a three-piece ensemble with guitar, bass and drums — with his best friend and collaborator Matthew Briggs on drums.

Once the seeds were planted, Walther has just kept growing musically year after year, gaining experience, covering new songs and musical genres, until he evolved into the versatile performer that he is today. He’s able to deliver anything from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen to Leonard Cohen to a whole catalog of originals, many of which make up the tracks on albums he’s recorded over the years. As a teenager, “The alternative rock scene was huge, and that’s what we listened to mostly. But I was also raised on my dad’s LPs, the Beatles. I had a huge, strong influence from Simon & Garfunkle. That was one of my favorites growing up. In fact, the first song I ever played in front of an audience was ‘Sound of Silence.’ And I still play it today.”

The versatility that defines his performances extends to a wide range of music that’s known by the vast majority of Americans regardless of background or regional differences. It’s a genre that’s come to be known as “Americana”—music that’s rooted in the heritage of the nation, from the English and Irish music of the earliest settlers’ to the blues and jazz of the old South and the R&B of Detroit. And Walther’s voice ranges as far and wide as his song choices. In his rendering of Leonard Cohen’s anthem-like “Hallelujah,” he can reach down deep in his throat to find a guttural howl and then soar up to highs that ring like a prayer. To watch him perform is to see a musician in his prime delivering straight from the heart.

And his growth as an artist never stops, as the Zack Walther Band expands its audience. A recent original, “Mustang Wine,” is, as he puts it, “a perfect example of the direction this band is headed.” Wherever Walther and his band are going, they’re doing it at breakneck speed, and for fans of that special kind of music you can only find in Texas, they can’t wait until he gets there. – G. C. Larson

Aug. 31 Kevin Charles
Aug 31 @ 9:00 pm – Sep 1 @ 2:00 am
Sep. 5 Jackson Tillman Band
Sep 5 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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Jackson Tillman was formed in 2014. The name, Jackson Tillman, is derived from the two counties in Oklahoma where the guys brought the band together. Jeremy Studdard (Lead Vocals, Acoustic), was living in Jackson County, while Jamie Chandler (Bass), Bryan Chandler (Drums) and Shawn Gomez (Guitar, Harmony Vocals) are all from Tillman County. With the addition of Nick Tate on lead guitar, Jackson Tillman pounded out their own unique sound of Country Music. 2016 Jackson Tillman recorded their freshman album, Vagabond. Between clever lyrics, memorizing melodies and a fantastic live show, Jackson Tillman has built a tremendous fan base. With the passing of lead guitar player, Nick Tate, the band went through a mourning period and an extensive search for someone to be able to fill those shoes. Enter, Samuel Grounds. Sam joined the group in 2017 and evolved the band’s sound even more. Jackson Tillman has shared the stage with notable names such as Cody Johnson, Cody Jinks, Kevin Fowler, Mike Ryan and Sam Riggs just to name a few. Back in the studio, Jackson Tillman’s new album is set for release in Feb. 2019. Their new current single is getting rave reviews and is available for download and will be released to radio in Jan. 2019. The future is very bright for these Oklahoma boys….

Sep. 6 Josh Newcom
Sep 6 @ 8:30 pm – Sep 7 @ 2:00 am

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Josh Newcom is the epitome of independent!
When you think of Josh, you can just go ahead and think, “do it yourself”!
Every song is solely written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by singer/guitar player Josh Newcom. Josh also directs, films, and edits the videos for his songs as well as videos for other independent and major label artist under his Warpaint Entertainment imprint. One of which was nomanated for Top 30 videos of 2011 on CMT.
All Josh Newcom songs are made for live shows! Sometimes aggressive, rowdy and in your face Southern Metal and others, it’s just pop a top, grab your partner, good ole country music. Josh Newcom has been on shows with great artists like Merle Haggard, Clutch, Jamey Johnson, Blackberry Smoke, Corrosion Of Conformity, Randy Rogers Band, Methods of Mayhem, Papa Roach, Jason Boland, Colt Ford, Union Underground, PowerMan 5000, Billy Currington, Corey Smith, and even the great Don Williams to name a few. “I think highly of bands like Jason Boland, Clutch, Blackberry Smoke, and Corey Smith who rely heavily and somewhat mainly on their live shows to broaden their success.” says Josh.
Josh Newcom has had videos that he directed independently reach the top of the charts on major music networks. “I love video!” says Josh “It’s like how I do the recordings. Since I direct, and edit myself, I’m gonna try and shoot a video for every song! Video just brings a whole new meaning to the audio and is just as important to me on some songs.”
So with new songs and videos coming from Josh Newcom projects every few weeks. And the hunger to show them off in front of live audiences everywhere. I don’t think Josh or Warpaint Entertainment will be going away anytime soon.

September 7 Pretty Much It Live Tour
Sep 7 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Fast-talking funny boys Eric Striffler & Jacob Shao provide laugh-out-loud commentary for your favorite (and least-favorite) movies and TV shows. Since releasing their first track in 2017, the comedy duo has gained an audience of half a million subscribers on

Now, for the first time ever, they’re hitting the road for a national tour and bringing their raucous brand of humor to a city near you! From LA to NYC, Eric & Jacob will be recording brand new tracks LIVE – right before your very ears – featuring meet & greets and exclusive merch that can only be found on tour. All of your burning questions will be answered: Do they secretly read from scripts? Does Eric really cry that easily? And how are Jacob’s Chinese lessons coming along?

Show your Tiger Pride by joining the boys for an evening of laughter, absurdity, maybe even a bit of rapping, and that’s pretty much it!

*Your ticket purchase includes downloads of our commentary tracks from every stop on the tour!*

Sep. 19 – Private Party
Sep 19 all-day

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Sep. 21 – Private Party
Sep 21 all-day

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Sep. 26 David Nail
Sep 26 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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A chart-topping songwriter and Grammy-nominated frontman, David Nail has spent a decade leaving his unique mark on modern country music. He reaches a new creative peak with 2018’s Only This and Nothing More, a record that matches his longtime melodic chops — as heard on Number One hits like “Whatever She’s Got” and “Let It Rain” — with atmospheric rock & roll guitars, lush keyboards, drum loops, and rule-breaking arrangements. This is the sound of David Nail turning a new page, kicking off the newest chapter in a book that continues to unfold.

It’s also the most collaborative album of his career. Billed not as a solo album, but as a project by David Nail and the Well Ravens, Only This and Nothing More finds its frontman leaving behind the familiar comfort of his longtime record label and, instead, uncovering new ground with help from two longtime partners. Those collaborators are multi-instrumentalist Andrew Petroff and producer Jason Hall.

Years before the three musicians teamed up to create Only This and Nothing More, they toured the country together as road warriors, with Petroff playing bass in Nail’s band and Hall serving as the group’s monitor engineer. It was a bonding experience, filled with sold-out shows, bus rides from town to town, and creative sparks. The sparks fly once again with Only This and Nothing More, whose songs straddle the boundary between country storytelling, indie rock instrumentation, pop hooks, and the southern twang of Nail’s voice.

“In the beginning, there were no expectations,” says Nail, who recorded the project in Hall’s home studio in south Nashville. “We’d build new songs out of guitar grooves, drum loops, or bass licks. We’d record our parts on the spot. It was very spontaneous. One of our only rules was, we weren’t going to chase anything specific. It needed to happen naturally.”

Gradually, a distinctive sound took shape. Inspired not only by his country roots, but also the guitar-heavy stomp of Oasis, the reverb-heavy wash of Ryan Adams, the rhythmic punch of the Black Keys, and the anthemic swell of Kings of Leon, Nail and the Well Ravens co-wrote a collection of songs that placed a contemporary spin on older sounds. Over the course of three different recording sessions, they both created and captured tracks like “Cheatin’ on Me” (a waltzing ballad that’s retro and modern, like a digital remix of a 1950s sock-hop hit), “Over” (a gritty nod to the British Invasion bands of the 1990s), “Heavy” (which updates the sounds of ’80s pop/rock for the current decade), and “The Gun” (the album’s most haunting number, rooted in a fictional story about family violence). Fueled by adrenaline and coffee, all three collaborators shared the workload equally, with Andrew Petroff handling much of the instrumental duties — including the electric guitar, whose spacey textures helped inspire the album’s overall tone, as well as bass, drums, synthesizers, and digital loops — and Nail providing the lyrical and melodic ideas.

“It was great to watch David explore these new sounds without having to worry about the boundaries and limitations of multiple different people telling him what to do,” says Hall, who pushed the singer’s melodies in a string of spontaneous, in-the-moment takes. “He was open to anything. He was free.”

“There were no rules during the songwriting and recording,” adds Petroff. “We just aimed for whatever felt right in the moment. Every day, we’d start from zero. We’d jam together over a drum loop or a weird synth sound or a guitar effect, and that would inspire David to come up with new melodies. We’d follow the spirit of the song, wherever it led.”

The result is David Nail’s most sonically adventurous work to date, as well as his first release as an independent artist. With one foot planted in the organic sound of his country past and the other pointing toward newer territory, he shows off the full range of his abilities. He’s a country crooner one moment, an indie rocker the next, and a diversely compelling frontman throughout.

Most importantly, he’s an artist following his muse, making music without rules or regulations. David Nail and the Well Ravens spread their wings with Only This and Nothing More, and the result — with its soundscapes, digital elements, guitar fuzz, and lush wall of sound — is the soundtrack to Nail taking flight.

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