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Jul. 27 Donnie Baker – Live in Houston TX
Jul 27 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Aug. 2 Ryan Broshear
Aug 2 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 3 @ 2:00 am

Ryan Broshear
Official Website Facebook Page

RYAN BROSHEAR – He’s emerging on the scene as one to watch as a respected live entertainer with jaw dropping talent and making believers night after night.

Named a “Top Ten Artist to Watch” by Billboard magazine. Broshear most recently released a new music video to GAC titled “Spin Me” – the first single from his latest EP, “Paint It Red.” “Spin Me,” written by Broshear, landed a 17-week spot on country radio’s Billboard Indicator Chart.

Prior to his latest release, Broshear’s first self-titled album produced two charting singles on Music Row’s Country Breakout Chart, including “I Don’t Mind” at #52 and “Make Each Moment Last” at #41. The album also included the song “Run For The Border,” which was featured in the 2013 film, “Sunlight Jr.,” starring Naomi Watts, Norman Reedus and Matt Dillon.

Broshear’s radio airplay, GAC video debut, high energy live show, and strong social media following has built a promising national fan base increasing his demand as an opener for Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Chris Young, Lee Brice, Brantley Gilbert, Merle Haggard, Joe Nichols, and Diamond Rio, among many more.

His loyal fans showed their love by funding the album “Paint It Red” through Kickstarter, raising over $20,000 to create the project. Broshear is currently focused on touring and writing for his next project expected for release in 2018.

Aug. 3 Cottonwood Crows
Aug 3 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 4 @ 2:00 am

Facebook Page

Established in 2015, Cottonwood Crows is composed of five guys from Stephenville, Texas looking to leave their mark on the Texas Music Scene. With their self-titled album produced in 2016, Cottonwood Crows gained traction throughout the state while performing at popular venues such as The Blue Light in Lubbock, City Limits in Stephenville, and Love and War in Lindale, to name a few. The group has graced the stage with talents such as Chris Knight, Flatland Calvary, Mark Mckinney, William Clark Green, Kody West, and Ryan Wilcox. In 2017, they spent the month of August at Melody Mountain Studio tracking songs for their new EP while working alongside the talented production team of Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato.

On January 24th, Cottonwood Crows released their new EP titled “This Time” and it has been rising up the charts every week since. Their single “Back To You” received 24,550 plays in the first month and received highest debut on the Texas Music Pickers Week 2 playlist for 2018 and are currently sitting at #18 on their chart.

Aug. 4 Zack Walther Band w/ Special Guest: TJ Broscoff
Aug 4 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 5 @ 2:00 am

Zack Walther Band Official Website Facebook Page

The Zack Walther Band is an Americana roots rock power trio from New Braunfels, Texas. As versatile is the Texas landscape, the Zack Walther Band can rock the house with high energy, or slow it down with story songs from their life experiences. Zack Walther on lead guitar, vocals and harmonica combined with Matthew Briggs on drums, glockenspiel, tambourine and vocals; and Corey Shelter on bass and vocals — they make more music than many five-piece bands. Zack and Matthew have been friends since the third grade, and making music together since junior high — they “finish each other”. They’ve recorded several studio and live records over the years, their music is currently being used on two cable television outdoor shows, and they tour around Texas where their fans never seem to get enough.

Aug. 6 The Story Church Trivia Night
Aug 6 @ 6:00 pm

Details TBA

Aug. 9 Comanche Moon
Aug 9 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 10 @ 2:00 am

Official Website

“Comanche Moon” is a term that originated on the Texas frontier during the Comanche wars. According to journalist S. C. Gwynne, “So many raids were made by moonlight that in Texas a full, bright spring or summer moon is still known as a Comanche Moon.”* Blending the sounds and influences of their native Texas Panhandle, Comanche Moon has developed a unique sound that the band describes as “Texicana.” Rooted in strong original songwriting, their sound carries influences of country, blues and folk music, delivered with a rock and roll attitude.

Sense of place is central to the band’s identity. Comanche Moon founders Chandler Sidwell and Mark Erickson each come from a long line of Texas cattle ranchers and wildcatters. Sidwell’s family relocated to Texas from West Virginia in the 1930s and founded a cattle ranch in Wheeler County. Erickson, a sixth-generation Texan from frontier stock, was raised a cowboy on a remote cattle ranch in the Canadian River Valley. The band’s sound grew up right out of the Panhandle dirt and represents the diversity of native sounds. The Texas panhandle has always been home to a strong tradition of fiddle music. The Scotch-Irish fiddle tradition that became bluegrass in the Appalachians percolated out to the Texas frontier during the great push West in the nineteenth century. Played by cowhands around campfires and chuck wagons, it took on certain folk and story-song characteristics while retaining the strong fiddle-driven melody lines characteristic of bluegrass.

Then Bob Wills changed everything. He and his Texas Playboys took traditional Texas music and turned it on its head with jazz chords and big band arrangements, creating a new sound called Western Swing. (Wills allegedly got angry and cussed anyone who described his music as country music.) Wills, who was raised in the cotton fields of East Texas was well acquainted with the blues and he brought them with him when he made his West Texas home in the town of Turkey. Though by no means the first or the only person to play the blues in West Texas, he is largely responsible for the fusion of white country and fiddle traditions with black blues. Erickson learned the West Texas sound as a kid going to ranch dances featuring Texas Playboys alum, Frankie McWhorter as fiddler and bandleader.

At some point, both Sidwell and Erickson found rock and roll and fell in love with 60s and 70s bands like Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Sidwell learned the drums, developing his chops on stage in jam and rock bands in Amarillo. Erickson would sneak off after living room bluegrass sessions with his family to pick out Jimmy Page riffs and Hendrix licks.

Sidwell and Erickson met in Amarillo in 2011 and founded Comanche Moon in 2013 with then bandmate Jake Vernon and Carlos Martinez-Arraras, who continues to play guitar for the band. In 2015, Comanche Moon released its debut self-titled EP. Short on cash and long on content, it wasn’t until early 2017 that the band had saved up enough money to book studio time for its first full length album, “Country Music Deathstar.” The band paired up with producer Tim Allen (guitar, Shane Smith & the Saints) and began recording at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, Texas with Dave Percefull and Adam Odor in June 2017. They completed production later that December and will release the first single off the album March 23. They will release the full album June 29.

Aug. 10 Danny Dillon
Aug 10 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 11 @ 2:00 am

Danny Dillon
Official Website Facebook Page

Danny Dillon is an up and coming artist in the Houston/Beaumont area, with a style and taste all his own. He is determined to be his own artist and stick to his roots in Texas Country. His music is crisp, and clear with a grunge, and tasteful Texas Country twist.

His simple love for music has paved the way for him. Danny’s hard work and determination has given him the opportunity to collaborate along side great artists such as Cody Johnson, Casey Donahew Band, Johnny Cooper, Jason Boland, Kyle Bennett, Rich O Toole, Kree Harrison, Jackson Taylor, John David Kent, and Zane Williams.

Danny says aside from his passion of music the backbone of who he is as a person is due to his Faith and Family. On top of his busy music schedule Danny is a full time Industrial Salesman, Father and Husband. –“I love my family very much they are the reason I strive and do what I do.” Danny also says that the amount of support he receives from fans is another reason he enjoys to play. “Being able to lift people, make them laugh, and put a smile on their face is a great feeling. Without fans the music industry couldn’t be what it is today.”

Aug. 16 John Hord Band
Aug 16 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 17 @ 2:00 am

John Hord Band
Official Website Facebook Page

John Hord has been taking the Texas Country music scene by a storm. Growing up he found influences in almost everything he listened to, from George Strait and Garth Brooks to his very own father, Houston singer Jeff Hord. He spent his younger years singing around campfires and in a church band, and decided to pursue music professionally in early 2016.

You can hear the early traditional country influences and hear the Texas Country influences of Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson as soon as he begins to sing. He’s used these influences to mold his sound, and begin telling stories through his songwriting. Including his first radio single, “Blame It On the Whiskey.”

As he’s continued to grow as an artist, John has followed the paths of his influences and began heavily playing the Texas Country scene. When he’s not playing shows he enjoys spending his time with his family, hunting, fishing, and playing the guitar.

His first single, “Blame It On the Whiskey,” peaked at #33 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and top 40 on the CDXtraction charts.

Aug. 17 Brenda McCready
Aug 17 @ 9:00 pm – Aug 18 @ 2:00 am

Brenda McCready Facebook Fan Page

Brenda McCready is a seasoned professional Singer and recording artist.
Brenda first started singing at age 8. In the 90’s she she recorded a video which led to being played on TN. Brenda and the music video she created along with her song made an appearance on the show Video country and was interviewed by the host of the show Shelly Mangrrem.

Brenda continued on creating, writing and creating music and songs and has now gone on to record her first album and is being set up to tour around the Europe and the U.K.

During her career, A very personal tragedy of her mother being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and didn’t have long.Her mother had been the person that spent all her time and every penny she had to make Brenda’s dream fufilled.

Brenda Made the hardest decision that she had ever been faced with.She chose to leave her career and go be with her mother for the time that she had left. Brenda knew that she would never be completely happy without doing what she was meant to do.

Since the passing of her mum, Brenda has returned back to the music and music business stronger and more on fire than ever . With God in faith with His help she has flourished.

Brenda’s currently finishing off recording and album starting October 20th being produced by Mark Goodman and is signed to Midnight Cry record label.

She will have her first snuggle on here in October and pre sale of the album should start around the 1st of Sept.

Brenda will be singing and performing with Jeff Todd – Legendary Blues Rocker & Delta Blues Man a mix of Brenda’s Music & Jeff’s for a musical time performing at various venues all over America coming up in June.

Brenda’s Music is sung with passion and a full rich voice bringing out the emotion in every word she sings drawing you into the song with her each song she sings is personal and straight from the heart of love and faith and country.

Brenda’s music has become world famous receiving air play all over the world and being promoted on Face Book from her fans who are scattered across the nations from America, to the Netherlands, to Spain, Europe, the UK and down under in Australia. Her music has captured the hearts, minds and souls of us all including the piano man himself Billy Joel and the ears of Ed Sheerin who have openly shared their support on you tube with her current single Asking For The Moon off her up coming album.

Brenda is thankful to God for all He has given her and blessed her with and the gifts and talents and gives Him the thanks and glory for it all. Brenda acknowledges her band and producers and the technical crew she has working along with her to make it all happen to give her fans the music they love and enjoy.

During recent events in Brenda’s life over the recent passing of her sister Brenda has been overwhelmed and encouraged by all the care, the support and encouragement given to her from her fans whom she loves and thanks and appreciates very much. Brenda draws comfort from them all and her friends and family and in her love and faith in God as He fills her with His peace and love and wraps and protects, provides and guides her giving her the strength and courage to keep on and where it is the love and passion of singing the gifts God gave her which she uses as she creates and sings and records the upcoming album and her up coming tour to sing and perform for her fans in God and His strength in His will that sees her through.

She has already accumulate a large fan base and loves to talk to her fans as much as possible.She says it’s so hard to take in the love and support that she has received from fans,Fellow artist and music and and all the Music business .songwriters producers promoters engineers and everyone involved. Brenda is a woman of great faith and knows that God has stepped in and made all of these things happen.

Aug. 23 Jeff Todd
Aug 23 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Jeff Todd Official Website Official Website

Jeff Todd – This blues rocker is no stranger to the players around the world, from his days with Bo Diddley to Bill Howlin Madd Perry to NY City to rocking Minglewood Hall in Memphis, JT has been there and played it.
From the Ground Zero Blues Club to The Juke Joint Festival to Memphis, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Savannah, Orlando, New Orleans to Denver to all over the mid west to the rockies, JT continues to give his all and a fantastic blues rock, country rock, folk rock show for all.
Playing his new album Traveling Man and some chart topping covers mixed in his set.
JT has been called the Bad Ass All American Blues Rocker and is said by many to be a cross between Muddy Waters and Bob Seger with some Bruce Springsteen mixed in.
His influences include Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Jackson Brown, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Seger, and the Rolling Stones. Jeff’s guitar style is a mix of the blues an rock with classic folk rock in his acoustic part of the set.
Jeff Todd is a two time Blues Hall of Fame member as one of the top ambassadors for the blues in the world. Jeff is known all over the world and has been #1 through #15 over the years on every major independent blues chart.
JT is currently one of the top blues artist in Mississippi an lives outside of the Tupelo MS.

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