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Nov. 22 The Lime Traders
Nov 22 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The Lime Traders have a sound that’s hard to describe. It comes from such a
strange and diverse
background, you can’t help but wonder what mood will fall on you
as the next note plays. Almost genre
less, yet familiar, it has a way of seamlessly replacing the soundtrack to your
inner monologue. With
members as diverse as the music they play, The Lime Traders are making music wit
h no boundaries.
Originating somewhere in Texas, they found each other through a variety
of circumstances, becoming a
close group of friends all together in a town far from the scene. They decided t
o spend sundays creating
their own unique sound and batch of songs over a wood burning stove,
cold drinks and plenty of pizza.
Sooner than later they had enough material to consider recording the coll
Described as a number of things, the wide array of influences make it hard to pin
point exactly what to
call The Lime Traders. A duo of soulful vocalists harmonizing over a d
uo of heavy blues guitars, with a
foundation of deep bass and a groovy pocket to sit it all in make
it hard not to dance along. Their live
shows have a habit of forming a large and receptive crowd that gathers at the fron
t, curious about the
new groove they can’t help but stomp their feet to.
Making noise in a scene filled with some truly amazing bands, The Lime Traders
are sure to be here for a
while. Come to a show and see why for yourself.

Nov. 24 Firehouse 25th Anniversary Year celebration w / The Powell Brothers & Justin Michael Bell & The Good Heart
Nov 24 @ 7:00 pm – Nov 25 @ 2:00 am

Come and join us for a Birthday Celebration of the Firehouse Saloon !! 25 years and still showcasing great local talent and other fantastic artists on the rise in the music industry. We’ve had them all from Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Dean Dillon, and so many more. Come hear some new artists that here to celebrate the Firehouse and make an impression as they are also moving quickly to stardom. Hear them first at the Firehouse.

Come on out to see The Powell Brothers – Justin Michael Bell – The Good Heart. All great bands you won’t want to miss !!

The Powell Brothers
Blake and Taylor Powell are two multi-instrumentalists from Houston, Texas. They first toured together in 2006 as a hired backing band, and continued to play as much as they could until finally escaping high school. After briefly attending music school, both have worked as songwriters, producers, band members, music directors and session players for more than 30 artists internationally. Their playing can be heard on numerous albums, TV shows, movies, and they continue to travel and perform across North America. In February of 2014 they were both on the verge of pursuing separate careers on opposite sides of the United States, but instead, decided to focus on making their own music. They are influenced by their predecessors and peers, as well as the many genres they have experienced as sidemen, drawing from pop and rock n roll to bluegrass and gypsy jazz. These ingredients, their seasoned musical experience, and a brotherly vibe make them a must see..

Justin Michael Bell
Justin Michael Bell is a Country music singer/songwriter. He attends Texas Tech Law School, but spends his summers performing across Texas.

The Good Heart
The Good Heart is a 4 piece band out of Houston, Tx. They pride themselves on their live performance and bold blend of many genres. The Good Heart brings southern Alternative Rock to the stage with deep 90’s roots combined with some underlying indie tones, but always with a southern feel. Lyricism is not lost on The Good Heart, as they write about real life experiences that are honest, emotional, and relatable. TGH is a group of fun loving guys, always looking to crack a cold one and have a good time. It’s all about the love of the music and providing an escape for their listeners.

Nov. 25 Drugstore Gypsies w/ Special Guest: Threadbare Jesters
Nov 25 @ 8:00 pm – Nov 26 @ 2:00 am

Born out of the intuition of former Berklee college students to back yard bull shitters alike we are Duke Ryan and the Dead Fellas. We are singers, songwriters, and all musicians who have grown up with great influences of country and western, folk, rock and roll, blues, and many other music stylings packed into one. Between Drew “Duke Ryan” Sebesta, Tyler “Buck Nelson” Sebesta, John “The Hammer” Wilson, Dillan “Diamond in the Rough” Dostal, and Kelsey “The Hitman” Hickman we have collaborated our own Red Dirt music. Our live show can be seen as just as crazy as the slab we get to it in! So if you have not yet heard of the Dead Fellas please acquaint yourselves with us. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

Nov. 30 Keeira Lyn Ford & Gary Jones Jr.
Nov 30 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Gary D. Jones Jr. first started learning guitar when he was at a young age. Learning to play by ear and never having a lesson just like his father. “I think I was between the age of 4 or 5 when dad got me my first guitar. It wasn’t anything special, just something for me to get the feel for it and learn to play. I was always amazed how dad could play and sing at the same time.”

Watching his father, Gary Jones Sr. played for the late legendary country music hall of famer Ray Price for 27 years and also for Doug Kershaw before that. Gary Jr. wanted to play guitar and sing for a country artist like his dad.

Later on he found out that he, like his father, had a voice for music so he decided he would be a country music singer and guitarist. When Gary was 12 years old Ray Price started letting him go out on the road with him and the legendary Cherokee Cowboys. “This truly was an honor for me to be able to do that because no other child was aloud to go on the road. Me and the Chief had a very unique friendship”.

Gary grew up knowing Price as “Papa Price”, and by the time he was 15, Price had asked him to be his grandson. “I remember we were on the bus together in Longview,TX for his 79th birthday. We were watching a video of him performing that I had found from back in the late 80’s. He looked at me and asked if he could be my grandfather since mine had already past away. He and my grandfather were always very close. I said yes to that honor. So from that point on everyone knew me as his grandson.”

Even though he was not blood related he would always be known as Price’s grandson. Gary would continue to go with his father and Price on many trips learning the business and making new friends such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Benson, Kris Kristopherson, and many more.

Dec. 1 – Private Party
Dec 1 all-day

Closed to a private Party>

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Dec. 9 – Private Party
Dec 9 all-day

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Jan. 11 Garrett Smith
Jan 11 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Jan. 18 Taylor Long
Jan 18 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Jan. 20 Dirty River Boys
Jan 20 @ 9:00 pm – Jan 21 @ 2:00 am

The Dirty River Boys are paving their own road as they travel it. They are a testament to the idea that “if you can dream it, you can do it,” moving with determination ever closer to the light. Above all is their belief in their music. It motivates them and provides exultation for each member, as well as for the audiences who have become fans by the force field the band creates in live performance.
Steely intention aside, there is a magic to being in the right place with the right stuff at the right time. Home in El Paso, the Dirty River Boys yearned to make music the centerpiece of their lives. Then they played their very first Austin gig, a happy hour set at hipster haunt, Lustre Pearl. The music they presented was energetic and infectious, though stripped down acoustic. The joy was unmistakable. And a new path with exciting possibilities was being born. The band migrated to Austin shortly thereafter, where they thrive amidst the other musicians in town, and love the strong sense of community they found. “Being in Austin, with so many great bands, it makes you up your game.”
Travis Stearns and Nino Cooper met in the music scene in El Paso. They started gigging every once in a while, while they waited patiently for the day they could dedicate themselves to music 24/7. The Dirty River Boys trio formed 3 years ago, when Marco Gutierrez quit his job and school to join the band. “We had to go against full bands in El Paso, us with three people with acoustic instruments. It shows if you are consistent and serious about your music, you can really make it. We put our hearts out there every night. People see that.” They added an upright bass player about a year and a half ago. Colton James joined for a 90 minute set at the River Road Icehouse. It was a trial by fire and a foursome was forged.
The new album, Science Of Flight, was recorded at Yellow Dog Studio in South Austin, Texas. Marco, Nino, Travis and CJ put aside just five days for the process. They played everything on the album themselves, only tapping on the legendary Kim Deschamps to lay down pedal steel. Expect surprises; Wurlitzer, marching drum sounds, train whistles, a rattlesnake. The band was mindful of their ability to recreate the sounds on stage in the live environment. The Dirty River Boys are seemingly always on the road, having logged 200,000 miles in the van, though thankfully, the rattlesnake is not a traveling companion.
Science of Flight has been described by The Dirty River Boys as Western, Fat, and Rock and Roll. It touches on myriad emotions with gentle harmonies that shimmer with beauty, acoustic rave-ups, and hook driven tunes. “This time, we made a record. We build it, recording the parts ourselves. This is a band record. We are really excited about it.”

Jan. 25 Acoustic Showcase featuring: Curtis Grimes, Austin Allsup and Jake Worthington
Jan 25 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Catch a great evening featuring acoustic music by 3 great artists showcasing their music.

In four short years, Curtis Grimes has been a star college baseball pitcher, chased his dream of being a singer / songwriter, played hundreds of concerts all over Texas and the southwestern United States, and performed in front of millions on television.

After a break up with his then fiance, he started playing guitar and developed an interest in songwriting, teaching himself how to play on a used guitar that he purchased at a pawn shop. Grimes then headed down I35 with plans of finishing his degree at Texas State University in San Marcos. While there he fell under the influence of the Texas Country music scene. With legendary venues so close, he was able to follow the Texas Country artists he looked up to. After playing for friends and relatives at gatherings and parties, Grimes was hooked by the entertainment bug. He started playing acoustic shows at a couple of small venues, bars, and fraternity parties. Things definitely picked up for after he won the Austin leg of Kenny Chesney’s The Next Big Star contest, getting the opportunity to open for Chesney at the Frank Erwin Center during his Poets and Pirates tour.

Jake Worthington is a country music artist and was a runner-up on Season 6 of The Voice.

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