Jan 4 Combination Meetup with Houston Composer’s & Songwriter’s Group

4 January, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Each songwriter can perform up to 3 original songs on the main stage of the historic, legendary Firehouse Saloon and home of Badlands Radio. Signup for the Meetup AND (optionally) for the Lone Star Songwriter Competition 2018 series begins at 5 pm.

There is no cover for this event. There is a signup cost for the series if you choose to participate but with a sweet prize at the finals the last Sunday in February. Come check out the details.

Our partners in this event along with Texas Music Marketing (primary host and organizer) are: the Firehouse Saloon, Badlands Radio (your chance to play your original music at the Firehouse Saloon & get your music heard on Badlands Radio), Amber Townsend Presents (your chance to get an interview with an experienced video hostess) & Carr Multimedia (your performance on pro video to share wirh your fans and future fans).

Bring your guitar, keys, ukulele, banjo or whatever you want to accompany your bad self but please keep it simple. This isn’t about technology or fancy picking, it’s all about the song and the way you deliver it.

It’s cool if you need someone to back you onstage but not as a side player, only if you sing but don’t play an instrument. This project is about the heart of what music is all about – the original song. You may use a substitute vocalist if

This Thursday (and other upcoming open mike events) will be free to participate but only the paid competition events will have live judges and audience selection (50/50 split) that count toward the grand prize.

As the name of the contest implies, there will be ONE winner after the series of 3 competition events:

January 25th (preliminary round with up to 30 performers), the semifinals on Feb 8th with the 15 writers that move on from the prelims & the finals where the single, solitary Lone Star emerges as the champion of their peers for 2018 on February 22nd.

This is an original song contest only, no covers. Bring it if you’ve got it. Covers are fine at the free open mike events.

A live band may follow after our 6 to 9 pm slot and participants & the audience for our open mike events are eligible for a discount for the live band that follows our events.


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