Aug. 17 Brenda McCready

17 August, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – 18 August, 2018 @ 2:00 am
$12 Pre Sale / $15 Day of Show

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Brenda McCready is a seasoned professional Singer and recording artist.
Brenda first started singing at age 8. In the 90’s she she recorded a video which led to being played on TN. Brenda and the music video she created along with her song made an appearance on the show Video country and was interviewed by the host of the show Shelly Mangrrem.

Brenda continued on creating, writing and creating music and songs and has now gone on to record her first album and is being set up to tour around the Europe and the U.K.

During her career, A very personal tragedy of her mother being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and didn’t have long.Her mother had been the person that spent all her time and every penny she had to make Brenda’s dream fufilled.

Brenda Made the hardest decision that she had ever been faced with.She chose to leave her career and go be with her mother for the time that she had left. Brenda knew that she would never be completely happy without doing what she was meant to do.

Since the passing of her mum, Brenda has returned back to the music and music business stronger and more on fire than ever . With God in faith with His help she has flourished.

Brenda’s currently finishing off recording and album starting October 20th being produced by Mark Goodman and is signed to Midnight Cry record label.

She will have her first snuggle on here in October and pre sale of the album should start around the 1st of Sept.

Brenda will be singing and performing with Jeff Todd – Legendary Blues Rocker & Delta Blues Man a mix of Brenda’s Music & Jeff’s for a musical time performing at various venues all over America coming up in June.

Brenda’s Music is sung with passion and a full rich voice bringing out the emotion in every word she sings drawing you into the song with her each song she sings is personal and straight from the heart of love and faith and country.

Brenda’s music has become world famous receiving air play all over the world and being promoted on Face Book from her fans who are scattered across the nations from America, to the Netherlands, to Spain, Europe, the UK and down under in Australia. Her music has captured the hearts, minds and souls of us all including the piano man himself Billy Joel and the ears of Ed Sheerin who have openly shared their support on you tube with her current single Asking For The Moon off her up coming album.

Brenda is thankful to God for all He has given her and blessed her with and the gifts and talents and gives Him the thanks and glory for it all. Brenda acknowledges her band and producers and the technical crew she has working along with her to make it all happen to give her fans the music they love and enjoy.

During recent events in Brenda’s life over the recent passing of her sister Brenda has been overwhelmed and encouraged by all the care, the support and encouragement given to her from her fans whom she loves and thanks and appreciates very much. Brenda draws comfort from them all and her friends and family and in her love and faith in God as He fills her with His peace and love and wraps and protects, provides and guides her giving her the strength and courage to keep on and where it is the love and passion of singing the gifts God gave her which she uses as she creates and sings and records the upcoming album and her up coming tour to sing and perform for her fans in God and His strength in His will that sees her through.

She has already accumulate a large fan base and loves to talk to her fans as much as possible.She says it’s so hard to take in the love and support that she has received from fans,Fellow artist and music and and all the Music business .songwriters producers promoters engineers and everyone involved. Brenda is a woman of great faith and knows that God has stepped in and made all of these things happen.

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