Jul. 13 The Tall Boys w/ Special Guest: Neil Dover

13 July, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Tall Boys

In the beginning, God created the Tall Boys–a high-strung, far-flung Country/Western duo who write music so profound, it’s helped collapse six totalitarian regimes.
Both emerging from meager roots in Texas and Pennsylvania respectively, these two knuckleheads met at a fat-chick karaoke bar in Gulfport, MS sometime in early 2014. After the two drunk Southern Mississippi grads realized that the other could write music and also wanted to restore the glory of Country Music, the collaboration of the century began.
The Tall Boys currently have over 120 original songs and writing weekly! People have commented on our style of music as bluegrass, punk, blues, and rockabilly. We’re currently playing on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi (Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Biloxi). If you listen to good music and appreciate originality, then sit back, relax and enjoy–or, come experience The Tall Boys in person.

Willie J. Robinson (PA/MS): vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, bass, piano/keys, mandolin, harmonica.
Curtis Tomlinson (TX): vocals, lead guitar, slide, mandolin, banjo, percussion.
Johnny W. Ponytail (MS): percussion/drums, cajon

The recordings are not the greatest quality, but it’s the live performance you must see! We’re currently working on a professional quality album.
Come see us live and your mind will be blown like Nagasaki, circa 1945.

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