Sep. 16 The Lime Trades w/ Special Guest: Phineus Reb

16 September, 2017 @ 9:00 pm – 17 September, 2017 @ 2:00 am
$10 Pre Sale / $ 12 Day of Show

The Lime Traders have a sound that’s hard to describe. It comes from such a strange and diverse background, you can’t help but wonder what mood will fall on you as the next note plays. Almost genre less, yet familiar, it has a way of seamlessly replacing the soundtrack to your inner monologue. With members as diverse as the music they play, The Lime Traders are making music with no boundaries.

Originating somewhere in Texas, they found each other through a variety of circumstances, becoming a close group of friends all together in a town far from the scene. They decided to spend Sundays creating their own unique sound and batch of songs over a wood burning stove, cold drinks and plenty of pizza. Sooner than later they had enough material to consider recording the collection.

Described as a number of things, the wide array of influences make it hard to pin point exactly what to call The Lime Traders. A duo of soulful vocalists harmonizing over a duo of heavy blues guitars, with a foundation of deep bass and a groovy pocket to sit it all in make it hard not to dance along. Their live
shows have a habit of forming a large and receptive crowd that gathers at the front, curious about the new groove they can’t help but stomp their feet to.
Making noise in a scene filled with some truly amazing bands, The Lime Traders are sure to be here for a while. Come to a show and see why for yourself.

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