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Unique Music Exploration Assignments To Try With Your Students

Teaching music to your students can be, for the most part, challenging. It is especially true when your students are having a hard time grasping new concepts. Are you tired of utilizing the same ideas or principles repeatedly because you need to adhere to the curriculum?

Let’s face it. Teaching the very same concepts repeatedly can become boring and monotonous. And it can be to easy to pass this feeling on to your students. But don’t fret! There are lots of unique methods and resources out there for music teachers like you to help students understand and comprehend music better.

Perhaps your pupils are having a hard time understanding music because they are not interested in learning music. Or maybe they want to learn. However, the concepts and materials are hard to discern. Whatever the reason may be, there are strategies and techniques that you can use. These concepts will aid students in finding their want to learn and improve their ability to keep with your music lessons.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

There’s no limit as to how students can utilize the countless free or paid resources available online to learn and teach music the fun way. Furthermore, you most probably have other creative mediums or resources on the devices or computers in your computer lab, library, or classroom.

Integrate Practical Engagement

Music is, for the most part, best understood and grasped by doing, not by writing and reading. With that said, do make your music lessons mobile and energetic. Make it more active. Although you’re teaching music lessons, there are plenty of ways to integrate practical activities.

For your younger students, you can mix some games into your lessons that will present significant or crucial elements of music in a fun way. This concept will make learning music a lot easier.

Moreover, you can also use physical activities or movements into your music lessons. It can make learning music a lot easier because of the physical movement of doing aids students in committing the lesson to memory. Just keep in mind, for you to effectively teach music, you must play music.

Be Creative

Once your pupils start to enjoy accomplishing tasks, it’s a great time to present some creative projects, for instance, a composition project. Maybe they’ve been learning about a specific style of music or piece. The next step is to make them learn how to compose their own music in the manner they want.

Allowing them to create such projects is essential when teaching music. At its core, music is practical, not theoretical. And the most excellent way for you to teach music to your students is to get them into music as much as possible.

We all know that learning another language is way more effective and worthwhile through going to the country itself. With that said, music is best absorbed through immersion. So, do make your classroom an area for learning creative music.

Teaching your students to be creative and inventive gives them the ability to do something well that goes beyond your classroom. It is especially true because employers highly value creative people. All in all, integrating creativity into your music lessons makes learning music a lot easier and fun.

New Technology

Nowadays, kids are more knowledgeable and adapt to new technology. And the technology today is an excellent resource for learning music. Music is, for the most part, the perfect subject for utilizing new technology in the room, and brilliant use of technology can make your teaching more effective than ever.

You can use applications such as Youtube or other websites. Keep in mind that watching videos can make a lesson more significant and noteworthy than just listening to it. Watching videos of live performances is, without a doubt, a perfect way to teach your pupils about how guitars and whatnot are played.

By doing so, your students can know what happens in concerts. Relying upon the type of music, it may include elements such as costume and lighting, rehearsing the music as well.

Introduce Your Favorite Songs

As a Bohemian Vocal Teacher, connect with your students easily by introducing your favorite songs to them. It can be the first step towards having a fun-loving class. All types of music can be, without a doubt, critical resources for learning and teaching music. There’s no need to just stick to one music.


There are many resources and information available out there for music teachers. In particular, the Internet. It has changed how music teachers teach music. The web has a sea of information that is accessible wherever you go.

But do not just consume. You can also ask other music educators in forums. Take note that music education can, for the most part, become better by learning from each other.

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